The head of the IPEX project spoke about the impact of digitalization on creative activity


Valeria Brusnikina, IPChain Association IT Portfolio Manager and IPEX Project Manager, spoke about new trends in the B2B music market and problems in the field of intellectual property rights.

According to Valeria, many authors do not fully understand that intellectual property is an intangible asset, which is as important as other assets. This applies not only to startups, but also to creative, innovative and technological professions – from designers to software developers. Legislative norms for regulating IP are spelled out in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, but without the help of a lawyer it is difficult to navigate them.

In addition, thanks to digitalization, many works, their use, and therefore, copyright and their protection have moved from real life to a virtual environment. The process of making deals between producers and buyers of content has also changed. But, unfortunately, the authors were faced with the problem of the lack of services and platforms within which such transactions could be made securely.

“It’s important to note that the creative industries are very pragmatic. Therefore, when developing all our tools, we rely on specific requests and “problems” of market players,” Valeria explained. The IPEX platform, launched in September this year, allows you to buy and sell creative objects directly and, most importantly, online.

The project manager is confident that the new tool will open a different world to copyright holders – digital, simple and convenient, “a kind of eBay for intellectual property”.