The Russian Authors’ Society core functions cover the collection, distribution and payment of royalties for various types of musical work use.

The main task of the Society is to manage authors’ rights of on a collective basis in cases when their practical implementation in individual manner is complicated.

Broadcasting musical works without RAO license is the violation of authors’ rights

Basing on authors’ and other rightholders’ contracts, RAO issues licenses for the use of works in the spheres of public performance, broadcasting and cable retransmission, reproduction by means of mechanical and magnet recording, duplication of works of art and decorative art in the industry as well as in other spheres.

RAO provides assistance to authors and other rightholders in the process of right transfer for the use of works of science, literature and arts on the individual basis.

RAO represents authors’ and other rightholders’ lawful interests in governmental and public institutions and additionally those of its foreign partners, due to the reciprocal representation contracts with collecting societies abroad.

Thomas Anders singing the song “Tenderness” («Nezhnost’») of composer Alexandra Pakhmutova

RAO participates in many valuable intergovernmental agreements and programs of cultural and scientific cooperation. The priority of Society’s work is further optimization of its structure for the wider representation of rightholders’ interests in every subject of the Russian Federation. By now RAO system comprehends 12 successfully operating regional branches. RAO representatives act in almost every subject of the Russian Federation. The Society strives to cope with the challenges of the time at the maximum level to comply with the emergence of new carriers of works.

RAO carries out extensive daily work to provide legal support to the authors. Our qualified specialists in regional branches and central office are always ready to assist authors with consultations. In cases of rights violation RAO will represent authors’ interests in court bodies. RAO Board of Directors considers its strategic goal strengthening the positions of the Society at the international level. As a full member, RAO takes active part in the work of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

Realizing its role within the society, RAO participates in financing of the socially considerable projects aimed to support the culture. In 2011 RAO together with the Russian Union of Rightholders created the National Foundation for Support of the Rightholders (NFPP). The main trend of the Foundation’s activity is to provide material, social and creative assistance to the rightholders including the assistance in creating new objects of culture and art. The Foundation realizes various charity programs and projects on the regular basis, among which: program of material and social support of the veterans of culture and arts; program of helping the young talents; program of support of important cultural and social events; organization and assistance of festivals, contests, concerts and creative evenings in the spheres of music, cinema and theatre arts.

Jerusalem Chamber Music Fest in Moscow organized by NFPP