Auditing Committee

With the view of checking the compliance with the Statute of the Russian Authors’ Society as well as the audit of the financial activities and the accounting, the Conference has elected the Auditing Committee consisting of 7 members of the Society who do not belong to any of its executive bodies.

The Auditing Committee elects the Chairman and Secretary from its members. The decisions are made via open vote by a simple majority of Committee members taking part in the meeting provided the quorum is present. The scheduled audit of the economic and financial activities of the Society is done at least once a year.

Members of the Auditing Committee:

Valeria Lisovskaya (Belova)
Singer, composer, poetess

Kirill Lupinos
Composer, General Director of “Effective Records” Ltd.

Alexander Maximov
Rightholder, founder of the Foundation for the Support of the Rightholders

Igor Mateta

Sergey Russkikh
Poet, composer, performer, producer

Sergey Sashin
Poet, librettist

Erast Chanturia
Poet, producer