IPQuorum and Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia announced creation of the Council on Digital Economy and Intellectual Property


A broad exchange of views on further integration of the Eurasian Economic Union countries and possible assistance in their transit to digital economy took place at the International Strategic Forum “IPQuorum 2018” in Kaliningrad. The experts highly favoured creation of common economic space and implementation of the Digital Agenda of the EAEU 2017-2025, adopted by […]


IPChain President Andrey Krichevsky on the future of copyright


On April 11-12, Kaliningrad will host an international strategic forum on intellectual property IPQuorum 2018. IPChain Association (National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property) was one of the event organizers. IPChain President Andrey Krichevsky described how the project will develop and what potential Russian intellectual property market has. – […]


RAO and VOIS increased royalties collections in 2017


Leading Russian collective management organizations (CMOs) – Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) and the All-Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (VOIS) announced preliminary results of activity in 2017. RAO’s collections in 2017 reached a historical maximum and amounted to RUB 5,053 billion, that is RUB 683 million more than in 2016. VOIS collected RUB 1,158 billion rubles, […]


In 2016 RAO transferred 3.1 billion rubles of royalties to right holders


Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) has drawn a bottom-line to its activities in 2016. In 2017 RAO held the audit of its ex top management’s financial and operational activity. Numerous law violations were revealed during the audit – e.g. last year, 75% of payments amounting to 228 million rubles turned out to be fake, and the […]


RAO won a more than one million payout in favour of its authors


On 29 November, 2017 the Court of appeal recognized legitimate the previous decision of Moscow region Arbitration court to satisfy the amount of RAO claim against private entrepreneur Ms. Tatiana Kozak. From January to September, 2015, Ms. Kozak showed movies in the “Boulevard” cinema, which implies music performance, but she did not pay any royalties. […]


Maxim Dmitriev: Theatrical figures get the biggest royalties


Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) staggered by financial scandals last year summed up its activities for the previous year. RAO Head Maxim Dmitriev told RIA News during the interview about the dramatic changes, lawsuits and RAO new royalty collection and distribution systems. – Maxim Ivanovich, you headed RAO in the situation of a financial scandal, the […]


Networking infrastructure of trust – a prerequisite for the development of national intellectual property


Russia, Saint Petersburg. In the framework of the business program of the VI St. Petersburg international cultural forum, 18 November 2017 a panel discussion “Creation in Russia of world applicable best practices of blockchain technology for managing intellectual property rights: from patents and inventions to books, paintings, photographs, music and films” was held. Leading Russian […]


Promising IP-Chain intellectual property management platform to be introduced at St. Petersburg Cultural Forum


Participants of a special panel discussion “Setting up the best world practices of using block-chain technologies for copyright management in Russia: from patents and inventions to books, pictures, photos, music and films” will discuss the world best practices of applying block-chain technologies for copyright management on November, 18 – as part of the business program […]


RAO unsceduled Conference in Moscow – second stage


The second stage of the extraordinary Conference of All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization “Russian Authors’ Society” (RAO) was held on October, 2 this year in Moscow. The interests of almost 29,000 RAO members were represented by delegates elected by e-voting on the Company’s website. The delegates approved the completion of RAO reorganization and the creation of a […]


Maxim Dmitriev’s (RAO Director General) interview to “Culture” newspaper


Theatrical security agent Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) chose licensing agent for the dramatic works staging. It’s LLC “Theatrical Agent”. RAO Director General Maxim DMITRIEV told the “Culture” correspondent about the future outcomes of this step for Russian authors and achievements in this sphere. The “Culture”: Why did RAO decide to involve LLC “Theatrical Agent”? Mr. […]