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Sergey Fedotov’s defence team will challenge the decision of the Moscow City Court

Russia, Moscow, July 12, 2016 – The Defence of Russian Authors’ Society General Director will lodge a cassation appeal against the decision of the Moscow City Court for Mr. Fedotov’s detention until August 17, 2016.

On July 12, 2016 the Moscow City Court during the hearings on Mr. Fedotov’s case confirmed the decision of the Moscow Tagansky District Court for detention as a measure of restraint to RAO General Director, which charged with fraud.

Sergey Fedotov’s defence declared that actions of RAO General Director didn’t constitute criminal offences and the allegations were baseless. In the nearest future the lawyer Denis Baluev will appeal the decision of the Moscow City Court to the next instance.

The Defence draws attention to lack of sufficient evidences for RAO General Director detention and assumptions about the possibility of his wish to evade the investigation. Sergey Fedotov has a permanent place of residence and employment in Moscow, good reputation within the professional community. Mr. Fedotov’s achievements had been honored with state and professional awards. Previously RAO General Director had never been subjected to criminal prosecution and had no criminal record. Mr. Fedotov doesn’t agree with the allegations against him and doesn’t admit his guilt. Since the very beginning of the investigation Mr. Fedotov has been showing his interest in revealing the truth on the case and he continues to collaborate with law-enforcement bodies during investigations. The Defence notes that Mr. Fedotov is raising his minor son. Moreover, Mr. Fedotov has diabetes mellitus and needs aftercare and access to appropriate medical services. The detention is a source of daily tension for RAO General Director, that may took an intolerable toll on his well-being.

In a view of the above, detention of Sergey Fedotov is an excessively cruel preventive measure, which is incompatible with Russian governmental authorities’ general tendency to liberalize Russian criminal legislation on the economic front.

The Defence points out that the motion for a change of the preventive measure has been previously supported by famous cultural and public figures of the country. However the Moscow City Court ignored those pleas and other numerous arguments and grounds raised by the Defence to mitigate the preventive measure.

The lawyer for Sergey Fedotov Denis Baluev: “We desperately shall appeal this court decision to the next instance and start to prepare all necessary position papers without delay. We are sure that all allegations are baseless and that no crime has been committed. That’s why we shall continue to prove ourselves right and seek a review of the preventive measure”.

Press-service of Russian Authors’ Society (RAO)

CISAC: RAO Work is Compliant with High International Standards

Russia, Moscow, July 5, 2016 — International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) presented its official report on the results of their Technical Visit to Russian Authors’ Society (RAO), which took place in Moscow on May 18 and 19, 2016.

As a result of this visit, the Review Team presented its official Report and particularly noted that RAO achieved significant success in implementation of new technologies, which enhance transparency of the Society’s work; that RAO activities comply with high international standards and the Society impeccably observes CISAC Binding Resolutions for Musical Societies. The Review Team highly evaluated the achieved level of electronic document flow and distribution process. It also presented recommendations for further improvement of RAO technological processes.

The key point of the two-day agenda was discussion of the RAO Common Information System and the system of royalty distribution. The CISAC experts had series of discussions with leading officers of the Membership Service Administration and IT Department of RAO. The Review Team also tested the main databases of the Society.

“Documentation and Distribution software [of RAO] looked impressive with the Review Team finding some functionality (especially in the usage import area) very innovative” — runs the CISAC document.

It has been the second CISAC visit to Russia in 2016 and also the second meeting with Russian experts in the sphere of intellectual property and collective management of copyright. In February 2016 CISAC General Director Gadi Oron and Regional Director for Europe Mitko Chatalbashev met with the Head of the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) Grigory ivliev and RAO General Director Sergey Fedotov.

During the meeting Gadi Oron told about foreign experience and evaluated the Russian system of copyright protection. He said that Russian system can be called one of the most effective and dynamic ones among large countries. This success can be largely attributed to Russian Authors’ Society (a member of CISAC), which has been building up effective dialogue on all essential questions of copyright, and has been protecting interests of Russian and foreign authors for over 20 years.

One of the results of the February visit was an agreement between CISAC and RAO executives to enhance their cooperation and modernization of Society’s activities, and also to exchange their experience and best practices.

“I have received very positive feedback from the CISAC Team that visited RAO on 18 and 19 May, — wrote CISAC General Director Gadi Oron in his letter to Sergey Fedotov. — It is apparent that RAO has made significant progress in the last couple of years in aligning its internal process with CISAC Binding Resolutions and best practices in the field. Our Team remains at RAO’s disposal for further dialogue and are ready to assist you with all that is within CISAC’s mandate”.

Press-Service of Russian Authors’ Society (RAO)

RAO Authors’ Council forwarded an Address to the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of the Interior

Moscow, Russia, July 1, 2016 — On June 30th members of the Authors’ Council of the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) held a meeting and forwarded an Address to the General Prosecutor Mr. Yuri Chaika, and the Minister of the Interior Mr. Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

In that Letter members of the Authors’ Council expressed their absolute disagreement with charges, pressed against RAO General Director Mr. Sergey Fedotov by the law-enforcement bodies.

The letter runs: “The decision to establish Shareholders Company Limited “SEK” was made by the Authors’ Council in accordance with procedures, set by the law. That decision did not inflict any financial of physical damage to RAO. Sergey Fedotov did his best to find “SEK” share purchasers. The price of that purchase was equal to the price of the real estate, which had been previously transferred from RAO to “SEK”. The monetary assets have partially been transferred to the “SEK” operating account. The remaining sum will be transferred as soon as all the formal procedures are over”.

The Authors’ Council has recommended RAO to audit all financial and business activities of the Shareholders Company Limited “SEK”.

At the same time the Authors’ Council asks the law enforcement bodies to re-examine legality and reasonability of Sergey Fedotov’s arrest.

Authors of the Letter state: “Sergey Fedotov has permanent place of residence in Moscow, he does not flee from prosecution and is ready to provide any assistance to investigative bodies in order to reveal the truth on the case. The prosecution has withdrawn Mr. Fedotov’s foreign passport, which completely prevents him from escaping investigative actions. Mr.Fedotov does not interfere with witnesses and does not obstruct pre-trial investigation by any other means. Due to the above we kindly ask you to vary Mr. Fedotov’s preventive measure and to choose the one, which is not connected with custody”.

Authors’ Council is the main managing body of the Russian Authors’ Society. It decides on the rules and amounts of royalty payment. It decides on the most important questions of RAO internal activities: is approves the annual budget, establishes new regional offices and special funds. Members of the Authors’ Council are elected for 6-year term.

Press-service of Russian Authors’ Society (RAO)


Moscow, Russia, June 30, 2016 — A meeting of the RAO Authors’ Council was held today. Members of the Council discussed current activities of the Society and how to maintain its effective work. Following the results of the meeting, the Authors’ Council drew up an Address, signed by all its members, who took part in the meeting.

ADDRESS of the RAO Authors’ Council

June 30, 2016

The Authors’ Council has heard RAO executives and the lawyer, who represents RAO interests, and considers necessary to bring to all interested parties’ knowledge the following information:

• RAO is in full possession of the state accreditation, its activity is not recognized as illegal;

• RAO fulfills all its contractual obligations in full and in due time;

• RAO hopes that our partners will understand the current situation and will also fulfill their contractual obligations in full;

• the Authors’ Council urges the preliminary investigation bodies to decide on the question whether RAO General Director Mr. Sergey Fedotov performed any wrong acts, and not to hamper RAO in its everyday activities. Otherwise dozens of thousands authors will be deprived of their source of subsistence.

Signatures: Members of the Authors’ Council

Yuri Antonov — People’s Artist of Russia, Composer;

Eduard Artemiev — People’s Artist of Russia, Composer;

Victor Volskii — Honoured Man of Arts of Russia, Scenographer;

Leonid Velichkovskii —Composer, Producer;

Oleg Galakhov — Honoured Man of Arts of Russia, Composer;

Nikolay Denisov — Honoured Man of Arts of Russia, Poet, Playwright;

Andrei Dementev — Winner of the State Prize of the USSR, Poet;

Oleg Ivanov — People’s Artist of Russia, Composer;

Rashid Kalimullin — People’s Artist of Russia & Tatarstan, Composer;

Natalia Kasatkina — People’s Artist of the RSFSR, Choreographer, Ballet-mistress;

Alexander Klevitskii — Honoured Man of Arts of Russia, Composer;

Dmitrij Malikov — People’s Artist of Russia, Composer;

Igor Matvienko — Honoured Man of Arts of Russia, Composer, Music Publisher;

Vladimir Matetskii — Composer;

Valerij Siutkin — People’s Artist of Russia, Musician, Lyricist;

Alexander Shaganov — Poet.

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