Director of the Moscow Philharmonic Alexei Shalashov speaks on the state of the academic concert sphere


The academic concert industry in Russia has been actively developing in recent years, said Alexei Shalashov, Director of the Moscow Philharmonic in an interview with the ‘Izvestia’ newspaper. In particular, he drew attention to such trends as the strengthening of symphony orchestras, the building and reconstruction of concert halls, and the growth of sales of […]


Members of RAO Authors’ Council shared their stories in the project “We Remember”


Russian Musical Union and Russian Cinema film company have launched the social project “We Remember” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945. The initiative, timed to May 9, will last throughout the anniversary year of 2020, and will provide an opportunity for everyone to share his or her […]


Members of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society took part in the ‘Doctor Jazz Party’ marathon


Saxophonist, President of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) Igor Butman and jazz pianist, member of the Authors’ Council of RAO Daniil Kramer took part in the ‘Doctor Jazz Party’ charity online marathon, which took place on April 30, the International Jazz Day. The marathon was organized by Russia Today news agency, Krasny […]


Stas Namin spoke about the creation of his production center and friendship with the Scorpions


On April 22, the RTVI television channel hosted the premiere of the ‘Legend’ show about the lives of famous people from the world of cinematography, theater and sports. The hero of the first program was the musician, composer, vice president of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society Mr. Stas Namin. In an interview with […]


Igor Butman performed at an international online concert


Igor Butman’s Quintet represented Russia at the Worldwide Concert for Our Culture gala concert, which was held online on April 16. The organizer of the “World Concert for Our Culture” event is the American Association “Jazz at the Lincoln Center”. The leading Brazilian, Japanese, Spanish, American, German, Cuban and Russian artists participated in that event, […]


Igor Butman, President of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society (RAО): “The creative process is the peak that I try to climb”


In March 2020, in three cities of Russia – St. Petersburg, Tula and Moscow – one of the most successful Russian world-class festivals, The Triumph of Jazz, was held, created by the renowned saxophonist Igor Butman, President of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society, and the Head of Moscow Jazz Orchestra. On the eve […]


Rightholders declared their readiness to support theaters due to the global situation


Theaters, museums and lecture halls urgently reorganize their work – and transfer all events online. Forbes Life found out if they might run into a copyright problem and, most importantly, who will help solve it. Over the past two weeks, the entire cultural and entertainment industry has gone online. The largest world theaters, museums, lecture […]


Daniil Kramer spoke about the role of culture in the modern world


Culture is a shield that helps to remain human even in very difficult times, said Daniil Kramer, a jazz pianist, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society (RAO). In an interview that the musician gave in honor of his 60th birthday, he spoke about the healing power of art […]


Eugene Kobylyansky created a unique acoustic sound system for the Cathedral in Kaliningrad


The Cathedral in Kaliningrad has a unique acoustic system, the author of which is Evgeny Kobylyansky, a composer, member of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society. “There is such a thing as a close sound, so we achieved a close sound in the conditions of the Cathedral, with all the solemnity, despite the fact […]


General Director of Russian Authors’ Society to talk about crowdfunding and IP management in the digital age


Alexander Sukhotin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Co-Fi crowdfunding platform, General Director at Russian Authors’ Society (RAO), will deliver lectures in two modules of the educational program of the Scientific and Educational National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP) – “Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy”. In the module “Economics”, he will talk […]