Unsceduled RAO Conference in Moscow


The first stage of the extraordinary Conference of All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization “Russian Authors’ Society” (RAO) was held on April, 28 this year in Moscow. The delegates adopted a number of decisions aimed at financial recovery and improvement of the organization efficiency. The second stage of the Conference is fixed on July, 20, 2017.

239 delegates were selected on RAO website via e-voting to represent the interests of almost 29,000 RAO members at the Conference. The agenda consisted of nine points, including: amendments into RAO Charter, election of RAO governing bodies, transformation of the Society regional network and adoption of RAO extraordinary Conference decisions (dated August 31, 2016).

A particularly important topic was the audit results of RAO financial and economic activities in 2014-2016.

The comprehensive audit has revealed numerous violations made by RAO ex management,” – MAXIM DMITRIEV noted. – These comprise doubtful transactions, unreasonable payments and loans. Moreover, most of these violations coincided with the second half of 2016, when the authoritative bodies and the public representatives seriously set out to RAO. We inherited debts and a Society burdened by long-standing problems from the previous team“.

The Conference participants took a decision to establish RAO regional offices to replace the inefficient 13 branches and 35 representation offices of the Society throughout Russia.

In the course of the extraordinary Conference, RAO Authors’ Council was enlarged with 7 members: “SBA. MUSIC PUBLISHING» Director General ALEXANDER BLINOV, composer OLEG VOLYANDO, composer and Contemporary Music Association Chairman VIKTOR YEKIMOVSKY, composer, People’s Artist of Russia EVGENY KRYLATOV, theater expert, critic and Soviet honorary man of arts BORIS LYUBIMOV, composer VLADIMIR MATETSKY, composer and honored man of arts of the Russian Federation VIKTOR PLESHAK.

For the first time ever, RAO extraordinary Conference was observed by the Society members in real time mode – a broadcast was organized on RAO website.