Tchaikovsky Conservatory received international accreditation


The Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory successfully passed international accreditation. Now the diplomas issued by it will be recognized abroad, said Alexander Sokolov, President of the Conservatory, and Member of the Authors’ Council of the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO).

“This year we are the first among conservatories to pass international accreditation,” said Alexander Sokolov. – A commission came from the EU countries and conducted a thorough audit. They studied not only the documentation, but also conducted a survey of the teaching staff, students, and postgraduate students. And collectively, we received the highest rating of Five Stars.”

The President of the Conservatory explained that the purpose of the audit was to achieve recognition of diplomas of the Moscow Conservatory at the international level.

“We have received international recognition of our diploma. This was the main goal,” he said.

According to Alexander Sokolov, it will now be easier for graduates of the conservatory to make a career abroad.

“Suppose our graduate has gone to work in another country and asks us for a list of all the classes that he took here. Why? Because the diploma itself as a document is not enough to be accepted as the basis for his/her contract,” said the President of the Moscow Conservatory. – These are bureaucratic formalities only, because the education received in Moscow does not raise questions in the world. Now such problems will not arise”, – he explained.