Stas Namin spoke about the creation of his production center and friendship with the Scorpions


On April 22, the RTVI television channel hosted the premiere of the ‘Legend’ show about the lives of famous people from the world of cinematography, theater and sports. The hero of the first program was the musician, composer, vice president of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society Mr. Stas Namin. In an interview with RTVI, he spoke about his love of rock, the creation of the first production center in Russia and friendship with the Scorpions.

According to the musician, his father – a military pilot and rock fan, instilled in him a love of music. The family often moved from one military base to another, but this did not prevent Namin from getting a good musical education. He played the Beatles repertoire so well that even his grandfather, Anastas Mikoyan, a prominent Soviet party leader, supported his musical endeavors.

“In my family, no one ever forbade me doing what I wanted,” says Stas Namin. – Neither my grandfather nor my parents gave me instructions which way to go. We played the Rolling Stones at my grandfather’s country house, we knew all their songs by heart. I can still play the entire repertoire of the Rolling Stones to this day. And of course the Beatles.

My hobby as a child turned into a professional interest, which allowed to gather millions of people at stadiums in Russia and abroad. And the “iron curtain” in the USSR only increased the fame of a rock musician abroad. World fame brought Stas Namin to befriend with the Scorpions, and they dedicated the “Wind of Change” song to Namin.

“I was on a tour in New York when the guys from the Scorpions called me and asked me to write a Russian text on their music,” recalls Namin. – I had no time. But they sent a soundtrack and said, write at night. I came to the studio, wrote down the text and my vocals to their soundtrack. This is how the Russian version of the “Wind of Change” turned out.”

In 1987, Stas Namin organized his own production center, whose participants were the “Gorky Park”, “Kalinov Bridge”, “Moral Code” and others.

“I admire talents,” says Namin. – When I see someone talented, I really want to help. I do not know how to explain it. Maybe I’m an idiot? Nevertheless, I have this in me.”