RAO participates in the set up of right holders confederation – supranational copyright organization


On May 25, the Confederation of Right Holders’ Societies of Europe and Asia (CRSEA) was set up in Minsk which consists of national societies that manage the rights of different categories of right holders in the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Representatives of leading copyright Societies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan took part in the constituent conference held in the Republican Cultural and Educational Center of the Presidential Administration of Belarus.

The headliners of CRSEA establishment were Russian Societies for the collective copyright and related right management – the Russian Union of Right holders (RUR), All-Russian Organization of Intellectual Property (VOIS) and Russian Authors’ Society (RAO), with support from the State Service for Intellectual Property and Innovations of Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzpatent).

The initiative was backed by major Societies from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS.

The key tasks of the Confederation are: the development and implementation of common standards and principles of transparency and control over the activities of societies before the right holders, the

formation of strategies for the possible innovative development of Societies and the enhancement of their effectiveness.

“The cultural and economic proximity of our countries largely determines our close interaction. We are going through essentially identical ways of developing the right management system. Therefore, the establishment of the Confederation is a logical and coherent decision for all of us aimed at maximizing the efficiency of each Society and the entire system of collective right management in the territory of the EEU and CIS”, noted Andrey Krichevsky, ROSVOIS and RUR Director General.

The Confederation headquarters will be in Moscow (Russian Federation).

Ismail Mammadkarimov, Azerbaijan Authors’ Society BOD Chairman, was unanimously elected CRSEA Director General.

Andrey Krichevsky, Director General of Russian Union of Right Holders (RUR) and Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (VOIS), was unanimously elected CRSEA Secretary General.

CRSEA Presidium includes: composer, People’s Artist of Russia Igor Krutoy (Russia); editor-in-chief of The Hollywood Reporter magazine / Russian version Maria Lemesheva (Russia); composer, People’s Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Rector of the National Conservatory Siyavush Kerimi (Azerbaijan); poet and writer Fahraddin Meidanly (Azerbaijan); singer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Deputy of the Belarus National Assembly House of Representatives Irina Dorofeeva (Belarus); composer, NCIP Authors’ Council Chairman Oleg Molchan (Belarus); writer, Authors’ Council Chairman of the Kazakh Authors’ Society Maral Yskakbai (Kazakhstan); singer, Honored Man of Art of Kazakhstan Nurlan Abdullin (Kazakhstan) and other representatives of the Confederation members.

“Earlier, collective management societies reminded tax authorities, however at present it’s time for a new ideology – we will strive to provide both right holders and users with modern, convenient and technological services. All our organizations should expand their activity framework, keep pace with the times and then we will be able to ensure efficient representation and protection of right holders’ interests both at national and international levels,” said Russian Authors’ Society Director General Maxim Dmitriev.