Promising IP-Chain intellectual property management platform to be introduced at St. Petersburg Cultural Forum


Participants of a special panel discussion “Setting up the best world practices of using block-chain technologies for copyright management in Russia: from patents and inventions to books, pictures, photos, music and films” will discuss the world best practices of applying block-chain technologies for copyright management on November, 18 – as part of the business program of VI St. Petersburg Cultural Forum.

Association “National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property” (IP-Chain) is a partner of the panel discussion.

During the discussion a promising IP-Chain platform will be presented – as an innovative project designed to form the Russian national network of transactions with intellectual property rights and objects, framework of trust within the industry. The above Association was established in September, 2017. Among the founders of the Association are: Non-Commercial Partnership for Protection and Management of Rights in the Sphere of Arts (UPRAVIS), All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (VOIS), Russian Union of Right Holders (RUR), Russian Authors’ Society (RAO).