IPQuorum and Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia announced creation of the Council on Digital Economy and Intellectual Property


A broad exchange of views on further integration of the Eurasian Economic Union countries and possible assistance in their transit to digital economy took place at the International Strategic Forum “IPQuorum 2018” in Kaliningrad.

The experts highly favoured creation of common economic space and implementation of the Digital Agenda of the EAEU 2017-2025, adopted by the heads of state of the Union on December 26, 2016. They unanimously agreed that success is impossible without comprehensive support of economic sectors, which are based on the use of intellectual property and end-to-end technologies.

The Forum participants welcomed establishment of a single coordinating body – the Council on Digital Economy and Intellectual Property of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia. It will carry out systematic interaction with leading expert communities, national and interstate institutions, business structures. Its aim is to increase effectiveness of the EAEU Digital Agenda implementation.

Eurasian Intellectual Initiative (EII) “Seven Steps” was adopted as the key principles of the Council work. It is a strategic program for Intellectual Property development, global digital transformation and enhancement of the EAEU competitiveness.

The list of “steps” is a list of specific participants and their plans of actions, which can lead to measurable results in each of the areas: “Effective Owners”, “Law for Technologies”, “Open Access”, “Intellectual Exchange”, ” Explosive growth “,” Global intervention “,” New staff for digital Eurasia “.

The Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia Secretary General Andrei Belyaninov said: “The main task of the new Council is to significantly increase effectiveness of the Eurasian digital agenda implementation.”

Andrey Krichevsky, President of the IPChain Association (“National Coordination Center for Processing Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property”), was elected Chairman of the Council. He emphasized: “Digital economy is essentially the strongest incentive for integration improvement between countries. Consolidation of information on intellectual property, included in national and sectoral registers, creates accessible digital space with comfortable services. We are creating an unprecedented mechanism and an integrated environment for human development, which can improve business performance in the Eurasian space.