In 2016 RAO transferred 3.1 billion rubles of royalties to right holders


Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) has drawn a bottom-line to its activities in 2016.

In 2017 RAO held the audit of its ex top management’s financial and operational activity. Numerous law violations were revealed during the audit – e.g. last year, 75% of payments amounting to 228 million rubles turned out to be fake, and the Society debt before the right holders reached 2 billion rubles.

Despite the overall crisis RAO faced due to the previous management, the efficient work of the new top executives headed by Maxim Dmitriev as well as the Society restructuring allowed to keep and increase the level of royalty collections, distribution and payments.

The level of royalty collections for the public performance of works in 2016 was 3 billion 239 million rubles, communication of works into the air or by cable (radio, television) – 902 million rubles, transfers from foreign CMOs – 233 million rubles.

Thus, total collections reached 4 billion 375 million rubles, which corresponds to similar amounts in 2015, a year before.

In 2016 RAO transferred 3 billion 105.9 million rubles to right holders as royalties. 2 billion 721 million rubles of the above sum was accrued to Russia-based companies and private persons, while 384 million rubles – to foreign ones.

By 1 January, 2017 the number of RAO agreements with right holders had reached 27 220; 249 of them signed by legal persons, others – by individuals. By early 2017 RAO had concluded 29 030 licensing agreements with users.