Igor Butman hosted the VII Festival “Future of Jazz”


From November 8 to 10, the VII Festival “Future of Jazz” took place in Moscow. It is an international musical project, the founder and art director of which is Igor Butman, Honored Artist of Russia, and President of the Authors Council of the Russian Authors’ Society. The event is designed to acquaint the audience with young talents from different countries.

According to Igor Butman, the organizers of the festival are constantly looking for interesting musicians in Russia, and follow promising performers abroad.

“The main idea of ​​the festival is to give young musicians from different countries an opportunity to meet, make friends, establish creative alliances,” he said.

According to the artistic director, the festival successfully deals with this task from year to year: new duets are created; musicians from various countries write joint albums.

“An Italian saxophonist Francesco Cafiso, who at the age of 16 played like Charlie Parker, came to us and spoke with Ilya Morozov, the winner of “The World of Jazz” Competition in Rostov. It was very bright. Contrabass player Kate Davis came for little money, and at present we cannot afford her fee, – she is recognized as “the great”,” Butman recalled.

This year’s event was attended by two young American jazzmen – guitarist Cosimo Fabrizio and drummer Zach Adleman, British bassist Mark Lewandowski, Polish accordionist Arek Chernich, student of Berkley School of Music, Russian pianist Nikolai Mishchenko, saxophonist Matvey Mikheeviz from Irkutsk, and vocalist Vyacheslav Yavkin from Saransk.

In previous years, the festival introduced the Moscow public to Oleg Akkuratov, Mark Whitfield, A Boo, Russell Hall, Jake Labazzi and many other performers.