Eugene Kobylyansky created a unique acoustic sound system for the Cathedral in Kaliningrad


The Cathedral in Kaliningrad has a unique acoustic system, the author of which is Evgeny Kobylyansky, a composer, member of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society.

“There is such a thing as a close sound, so we achieved a close sound in the conditions of the Cathedral, with all the solemnity, despite the fact that the reflection is huge, long, fluttering echo it is called from arches, from domes, the main source of sound is heard by anyone in the hall very close, with every word, with every nuance,” said Yevgeny Kobylyansky.

The system is equipped with controlled sound beams in order to avoid unnecessary reflections of sound from the ceiling and walls.

“There’s too much reverb, it is itself very complex, due to this, not all the systems that used to be here, conventional acoustic systems, could sound comfortably here,” added Matvey Petrenko, Chief Engineer.

For the first time, soloists of the Kaliningrad Musical Theater will test new equipment. Stage monitors will allow performers to hear themselves better during a performance. With the help of new acoustic equipment, it will also be possible to conduct multi-channel recording of concerts and online broadcasts.

The first concert after the introduction of the new acoustic system will be held on March 7th.