Daniil Kramer spoke about the role of culture in the modern world


Culture is a shield that helps to remain human even in very difficult times, said Daniil Kramer, a jazz pianist, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Authors’ Council of Russian Authors’ Society (RAO). In an interview that the musician gave in honor of his 60th birthday, he spoke about the healing power of art and the development of jazz in Russia.

“When danger arises, the onset of civilization subsides, and culture is a shield that helps to remain a personality even in very difficult times. Art, education and their correct combination with true faith are the components of the physical survival of the nation,” said Daniel Kramer.

He also mentioned the music therapy, which is exploring the possibilities of the impact of music on human health.

“In history, there was a case when the French marshal rose from his deathbed after someone played a Mozart concert for him. Laboratory research is dedicated to this, there is a whole medical direction – music therapy,” the pianist explained.

Daniil Kramer emphasized that music also affects the intellectual development: “And yet – for some reason they don’t tell us how Beethoven’s sonata impacts a child’s IQ, and after all, children who have gone through a music school are a different sociology: ten times less crime, a completely different performance and intellectual level.”

Speaking about the development of the domestic jazz school and Russian culture in general, Daniil Kramer noted the high level of professionalism of our musicians. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that many of them are making a successful career abroad, and not at home. According to Kramer, Russia needs to develop a system of music education, strengthen the teaching staff, and create environment for development of music and jazz as well.

“We are fine, but it should and can be much better! My teachers taught me that all that is good is how it should be. And what needs to be fixed is worth talking about,” Kramer concluded.