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A Gala Night dedicated to the Day of Artist and Author

April 3 2010, as part of the Days of Intellectual Property, RAO held a gala night dedicated to the Day of Artist and Author.

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Among the guests of the event are copyright protection personnel, authors, performing artists

A word of salutation by RF Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev

Sergey Fedotov receives “The RF Minister of Culture Honorary Mention for assertive furtherance of the development and protection of intellectual property and in connection with the holding of the Third All-Russia Forum Intellectual Property – XXI Century”

The Honorary Mention from the Minister is received by Yekateryna Ananyeva, Deputy General Director, Director of Legal Department of RAO

The Honorary Mention from the RF Minister of Culture is received by George Sytenko, Deputy Chief of Legal Department – Chief of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Division under the Rosokhrankultura Federal Service

A welcoming remark by Gregory Ivlyev, RF State Duma Committee on Culture Chairman, to the sponsors and guests of the gala night

Salutation of Vladimir Isakov, Vice-President of the RF CCI

The RF CCI awards were received by: Gregory Ivlyev (right)

Vladimir Gorodnichev, Chief of the Legal Department, Rosokhrankultura Federal Service

Michal Svantner (right), head of WIPO delegation

Yuri Badyr (right), Director of the Economics and Finance Department, State Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova

Nikita Mikhalkov, People’s Artist of RSFR, President of the Union of Moviemakers of Russia, laid special emphasis on the importance and the need of copyright compliance in Russia

Sergey Fedotov, General Director of RAO expressed his thanks to the authors - members of RAO

Andrei Eshpay, People’s Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR, President of RAO Authors’ Council, composer and war veteran, offered his congratulations on the oncoming Victory Day anniversary

Mark Gurvich, Director of the Yermolova Theatre (center), is awarded RAO Honorary Diploma For the Significant Personal Contribution To the Development of Intellectual Property Protection System in the Russian Federation

Awarding the finalists of the RAO sponsored All-Russia Olympiad of Intellectual Property for senior high school students

The winner of the Olympiad in one of the nominations, Olga Mkrtchyan from Moscow, received the Prize from Sergey Fedotov

Mikhail Fedotov, doctor of law, Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Honored Jurist of the Russian Federation (left), presents the Honorary Diploma of UNESCO department to I.Yeryomin, Director of the OJSC TV Center Legal Office

The official part of the gala night was followed by the concert in which took part:

The With All Heart choir of the Samara Regional NGO Toilers of the Logistic Area and Labor Veterans

Piotr Gorshkov, choragus and soloist of the With All Heart choir

People’s Artist of the RSFR Irina Miroshnichenko

Dmitriy Malikov


People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolyna

A friendly chat (left to right): Gregory Ivlyev, Alexander Klevitskiy and Andrei Eshpay

Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeev and State Duma Committee on Culture Chairman Gregory Ivlyev always have something to discuss

Vera Fedotova, Alexander Klevitskiy and Vladimir Matetskiy (left to right)

Poets Nickolay Denisov (left) and Andrei Dementiev (right)

Special guests of the night – Valeriya and Joseph Prigozhin

And the gorgeous Larisa Dolyna