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RAO Press Conference On the Results of 2009

A press conference on RAO performance in 2009 was held on March 4, 2010. 

Vladimir Matetskiy, Vice-President of RAO Authors’ Council, Sergey Fedotov, General Director of RAO, and Deputies General Director of RAO Yekateryna Ananyeva, Oleg Patrin and Igor Bazylevsky took part in the press conference

Sergey Fedotov (center):“RAO work has received high rating from the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). Just before the press conference, CISAC General Director Eric Baptiste visited RAO and found the Society work to be up to international standards”

Journalists from the leading business and news mass media

Vladimir Matetskiy: “Annual collections for public performance of works, for example, in Japan amount to one billion US dollars! We have something to aspire to …”

Some journalists promptly furnished their offices with the up-to-date information

Vladimir Matetskiy lamented that sometimes, in their pursuit of a scoop, journalists tend to present information inaccurately. This is what happened on a number of occasions in 2009, for example, when they covered the Deep Purple concert in Rostov or the concert of Beyonce in Moscow

Sergey Fedotov (right): “RAO has never had and does not have claims on the performing artists. We have questions only to those organizers who infringe the lawful interest of authors”

The press conference lasted for over two hours. Journalist from TV company Channel 5 asking a question

Igor Bazilevskiy (center) talked about RAO relations with the broadcasters and cable operators

Vladimir Matetskiy: “It is only natural for an author be dissatisfied and, for that matter, with himself, too …”

Journalist at the press conference

Vladimir Matetskiy (center): “There will be no more new carriers. This will lead to the creation of a new situation on the market which will not revoke author’s rights but can be conducive to putting in place new business models

According to Oleg Patrin, RAO interfacing with police and procurator’s office has had a positive impact on the copyright protection in Russia

The Inter-Media Agency journalist asks about the volumes of illicit use of music on the Internet

The General Director of RAO observed that the Internet piracy constitutes a real threat

Yekateryna Ananyeva stated that RAO is working on a complex set of intricate legal questions with the various categories of users