The Workshop of playwrights and translators of foreign plays

The Playwrights Workshop regular session related to the foreign plays translators’ interaction with theatres was held under the aegis of the RAO Authors’ Council on December 8, 2011.

In her response the rightowners questions, Yekateryna Ananyeva, Deputy General Director, Director of RAO Legal Department, stated that theatres must receive authorization from the play’s author, foreign play’s translator before staging the play

The Workshop chairperson Nadezhda Ptushkyna (left) speaks about her first-hand positive experience of working with Japanese translators

Playwright Nikita Voronov (center) is expressing his gratitude to RAO and calls on the translators to work in a more close contact with RAO

Mikhail Myshin, satiric writer, scripter and translator

Playwright Mikhail Bartenev receiving RAO Honorary Diploma